Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chef Matt

I wanted to share these cute pictures of Matt. Monday night I was in the kitchen making spaghetti and I looked into the playroom and this is what I saw. He was cooking, too! It was so precious. He was in there talking and moving the little pots around, then he put on his oven mits. I asked him what he was cooking and he said he didn't know but that it was for Daddy. This is actually McKenzie's little kitchen she use to play with but I decided to hang on to it and let Matt enjoy it.  He plays with it quite often. Some may think its girly for a boy to have a kitchen but actually I think maybe it might encourage future cooking! Ha! I know his future wife will appreciate me.


bettyb said...

Matt, maybe you and Jacob could get together and whip up some delicious food!! YUMMY! Jacob is also in to cleaning and helping around the house these days.

Marty said...

My precious little Matt!!! He will make a great husband one day just like his daddy! Keep cooking Matt!

PS - Invite Margie over one nite to eat....

Love you,