Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mississippi Children's Museum

Tuesday we took a family trip that was fun for the whole family!  Our first stop was for Daddy!
Our next stop was the Mississippi Children's Museum.  The kids love the one in Memphis and this one in Jackson just opened the beginning of December so we had to go check it out.
Hey Beth, do you think McKenzie would make it on Randall Farm?

McKenzie did really well on this dance game....
 ...Matt, not so much.  He dances like his Daddy.

This little maze replicates the human digestive system.  The kids go into the mouth....
....and come out in the toilet!!!  So you know what that means the kids are supposed to be?!?!
Matt didn't seem to be excited about being human waste.  There was one little girl who got stuck in one of the tubes.  I guess she was simulating constipation!
Matt really enjoyed the boat races.

This is a giant Scrabble board.

Back to the boat races!
Our final stop was for Mommy.  The kids and I just couldn't hang with her.

We've also added a new blog to our Favorite Blogs list.  Our cousin, Elizabeth Winn, has joined the blog world.  Check her and her family out at Winn World.

We are also retiring Jordan's blog.  I guess she reached her life's peak when she got first chair clarinet over a year ago.  We hope things pick up for you, Jordan.  :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas with the Families

Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebrations with our families.  We had a great time at Marty's and at Nana and Grand's!

First up is Betty's family...
Matt was ready to open presents from the moment we got there.

Harry Caray or George Burns?

....and then to Nana and Grand's...

Matt had it made!
Chunch didn't feel well.  We hope he didn't give us the flu for Christmas!