Thursday, September 27, 2012

GMS Choir Show/Fall Porch

Tonight we went to McKenzie's GMS choir show. It was so good. I am amazed at what Mrs. Dorroh, her teacher has taught them along with Mandy Bell her choreographer in such a short amount of time. Mandy is McKenzie's dance teacher so she has enjoyed her coming to class to teach them the dance moves. The sixth, seventh and eighth grade choirs all performed in the program, "I've Got Rhythm". The program consisted of songs whose titles contain the word "Rhythm". David took some pictures tonight. He only got one side of the stage because there were so many kids and it's hard to get a wide shot of everyone.
McKenzie tried out for the 6th grade choir back in May and made it, so we are happy that she gets this opportunity to sing and dance again. Enjoy the pictures...

I have been getting my front porch ready for fall this week. While at Walmart Tuesday, I bought these really cute scarecrows. I found a boy one and a girl scarecrow. I put them behind my ferns. I also lucked up on these big, beautiful yellow mums, too. I bought a couple of purple mums from another lady but they are full of tight buds so hopefully they will provide color well into October. I will share a picture of those and my pansy containers as soon as I get them done. Speaking of October, I will put out our Halloween stuff in a few days. I am having a cute new Burlap wreath made for the front door. I went to Dollar Tree and found cute spooky things to put on it. I picked out some great ribbon and trims at The Flower Company and they are going to put it all together for me. I will have to post a picture of my Halloween porch and mailbox soon. I love decorating this time of year! I haven't done much on the inside, so I need to get busy doing that, too.

I am hoping that this weekend I can get around to looking at the many blog parties that have been going on this week. Here is a link to a few of them. Lots of great ideas and it just gets you in the mood for fall and the holidays!! Enjoy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

6th Grade Band

McKenzie is enjoying her introduction to the band.  They tried the kids out on every instrument and McKenzie decided she would like to play the clarinet.  She got her instrument last week and has learned to put it together and start making some music.  Here is a short video of McKenzie practicing.  So sit back and enjoy the silky smooth stylings of McKenzie Cummings.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday Fun

I had fun yesterday celebrating my birthday. David always plans something nice for me. The kids gave me a sweet card and picked out each something to give me. McKenzie knows I have a sweet tooth, so she gave me my favorite Junior Mints and Rolos. Matt gave me ear buds for my iPhone so I can listen to music. He told David it was either that or a winter coat because it would be getting cold soon and he didn't want me to get cold. So sweet! McKenzie made sure they picked out a color that would match my new iPhone case. She knows me well! David took off work for the day, so he was able to take the kids to school which was a nice treat for me. On up in the morning we went to Oxford to eat lunch. But before lunch we stopped by a store I have been wanting to go to called The Mustard Seed. I love this store. It is an antique type vendor mall. I took a few pictures of some pieces that I loved. I am on the hunt for a desk for Matt. I did see a few desks that had been painted and distressed so that gave me a few ideas for his room. I saw several pieces that were once old and ugly but had been painted to totally transform them into nice furniture.

One of my favorites was this piece that they recommended as a TV stand. It was once a dresser.

A lady had these cute paintings on square canvases. This one reminded me of Nick.

By the time we finished in there it was time to go to Ajax for lunch. Did I mention that Oxford was crazy busy yesterday? People were already arriving for the Texas/Ole Miss game weekend. We got to Ajax in time for them to open at 11:30 but had to wait for 45 minutes to get a table. Now that is obsession with good food! If McKenzie and Matt had been with us we would not have waited that long, but we didn't have anything else to do, so we stuck it out. Their food is so delicious. It is worth the wait. Everything has a little kick to it. I always get the vegetable plate or should I say the casserole plate. Every time I order sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, squash casserole, and green beans.  It is sooooo good. The waitresses wear t shirts that say This Is How We Casserole. David always gets the turkey and dressing and vegetables. For dessert he got blackberry cobbler with ice cream and I ordered chocolate chess pie with homemade whipped cream. It was delicious! We were so stuffed we could hardly walk back to our car. Then we needed a nap! We made it home just in time for me to drop him off and go get the kids at school. It was such a fun day.

It has been homecoming all week at our school, so that meant certain dress up days at GMS. I took pictures of McKenzie each day. She has had so much fun doing this and its made school a little more interesting for the week.
Tuesday was jersey day. 

Wednesday was twin day and she and her friend Lynsey dressed up like cowgirl twins. 

Thursday was crazy hair day. We enlisted the help of Jordan who helped give McKenzie a crazy style. She designed her hair in the shape of a hair bow using her pony tail. It turned out cute.  

Friday was spirit day, so she wore her new homecoming shirt and Matt wore his jersey. Matt was excited to go on Friday because the cheerleaders were painting their faces and selling spirit ribbons.

Justin and Jordan go to GHS and they had different spirit days. I just had to show this picture of them. Thursday was Disco Day and they put together the cutest costumes. They came by Wednesday night for us to get a sneak peak. I couldn't get over his wingtip shoes and her platform shoes. They really looked like they were from the '70's.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Betty!

Today we want to wish Betty (and Marty) a very Happy Birthday!!!  Thanks for being a great wife and mother!  I hope you have an extra special birthday!  We love you!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

I love this time of year and sooo glad its September. Ready for cooler weather and all the fun that Fall brings. We are already looking at Halloween costumes. Its just two months away! We have had a fun weekend. Everyone at our house is looking forward to the day off tomorrow. Yesterday we went to Memphis for the day. We went to the Arcade for lunch but it was such a crowd waiting we decided to go to Five Guys instead. It was yum!  They had the neatest drink machine. This was new because last time we were there they didn't have it. You know you are from a small town when you want to take a picture of it. It had a computer screen where you make your selection. It had all these different flavors of sprite, mr. pibb and coke. This was the first time we had used one of these.

Home Goods has opened a new store and I wanted to go check it out. I had read about it on blogs. It really reminds me of the home decor section of TJ Maxx. Cute things at good prices. While I was in there I ran into my cousin, Lynette, who I have not seen in years. So, it was great to catch up with her. By that time, my family had had enough of Home Goods, so we went to a few other stores to get a few necessities the kids needed.

David:  "I can only imagine how long these poor husbands waited for their wives in this horrible place."

I love to go to Hobby Lobby this time of year because they have out all their fall/Halloween decor and Christmas decor out. It did not disappoint. All the trees were so pretty. I found this revolving tree stand that I would love to have. There was one on display and the tree was so pretty. You couldn't help but get in the Christmas spirit when you saw all the trees, wreaths and ornaments. We will be dragging all that out before you know it.

Afterwards we went to The Side Porch for my early birthday dinner and it was wonderful. I took this picture of McKenzie and Matt outside the restaurant.

Today, Matt is not feeling well. He has had fever off and on all day. Poor baby. Here is a picture of him and Nick. Nick is so good to lay with anyone of us who may not be feeling well. Hopefully Matt will feel better tomorrow because Andy and Jan have invited us over to eat for Labor Day. Can't wait!