Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

We have had a fun weekend!  McKenzie and Matt are so glad to finally be out of school and David is thankful for the day off today. The weather was so beautiful Saturday, we decided to go to the zoo in Memphis. It was crowded due to the holiday weekend but we still had a great time. I can't believe we didn't get one picture of the kids but we did of our favorite animals this visit. They were the meerkats and the bears. The meerkats were so entertaining that we could sit and watch them for a long time.

After we left the zoo, we headed to Target to get a few things for the kids. Next we went to Barnes n Noble. That is one of our favorite stores. We let the kids pick out a few books to keep them reading over the summer.

After we left there it was time for some really great food at The Side Porch.

Today, David grilled some hamburgers and I made rotel and chips and chocolate covered strawberries. We have been hanging out just enjoying the day and even went for a walk while the kids rode their bikes. I love long weekends like this!

On a different note, I planted my flowers a few weeks ago.

Out front I did my usual two containers filled with red geraniums, begonias and impatiens and accent plants.
Back on the deck I have this neat new plant that I had never heard of but wanted to try is a flaming begonia. It has dropped some blooms but has been full of fiery orange blooms. Mama and I went down to the Crazy Lady's Flower House in Holcomb and that is where I found most of my flowers. It is the cutest nursery. The owner is so talented. She actually catered our wedding reception years ago and now she is retired doing what she loves to do, selling flowers. Can't wait to see what she has for the fall.

Another bean pot with mixed flowers...
I always have one of these palms. It does well until the first frost.

Also, I always like a fern by the back door. It makes that area look better with my McCarty wind chimes, too.

Something new I wanted to try this year is a succulent garden. I really like how it looks on the deck.

Lastly, I love decorating so I put out my patriotic wreath and flag for the Memorial Day weekend. I will use them again for the 4th. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the holiday!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Grand!

Sunday was Grand's birthday.  We wished him a happy birthday yesterday and even got to see him and Nana since they came to see our choir program at church, but we wanted to wish him a happy birthday here too!

So, happy birthday to the greatest man I know!  The two greatest things he taught me were not how to throw a curve ball, or how to hit a baseball, or how to shoot a jump shot (that last one was probably Mom anyway!).  The greatest things he taught me were to love Jesus and how to love my family.  He has been a great example of both and I try follow it every day.

Thanks, Dad!  We love you!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Friday night Caleb graduated from high school.  It seems like yesterday he was Matt's age and hitting homers in the coach pitch baseball league.  He has been such a good cousin to Matt and McKenzie.  He and Matt have such a special connection and he has been a great example for Matt to follow.  Watching Caleb and Cassie grow up so fast makes me realize how little time we have left with McKenzie and Matt at home.  I just want to slow it down!

Congratulations Caleb!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Red

McKenzie had the opportunity to dance in Charisma Dance Company's production, Little Red. The show was this past Friday and Saturday nights. She loved every minute of it! It was wonderful. We couldn't wait to go back the second night to see it again!  Her teacher Mandy Bell is so talented and creative. She even dances with them on certain songs. It amazes us how she puts together these productions once a year. Little Red was Mandy's version of Little Red Riding Hood. Her theme of the show was let faith help you find your way, let hope be a place you can stay, and let love pour out of you everyday. McKenzie takes contemporary ballet, jazz and hip hop. All the girls and guys danced their hearts out. David took pictures and you can see more of Little Red on his website.

Here are some of our favorites...

McKenzie and Mandy... so thankful for her influence in McKenzie's life. She is an inspiration to all who know her. She teaches these kids about dance and having faith in God.

McKenzie's "big sister" at the show to help her with anything she needed, Sidney Taylor.

Her favorite high school dancer... Mary Courtney Self.

McKenzie with "Little Red", Raechel Shaw.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

This weekend was a great Mother's Day weekend.  I got to see my sweet Mama Friday night when she and Dad came to watch McKenzie's dance production of "Little Red".  (I'll post some pictures of that soon.)  Of course, I also called her first thing Sunday morning so I could beat Andy.  Point for me!  Ha! 

The kids are so impatient when it comes to giving and getting gifts.  I think they get that from their mother.  We did our Saturday morning breakfast thing and then went to Walmart and picked up cards for Betty.  They wanted to go ahead and give their stuff to Betty Saturday so that's what we did.  At Walmart, Matt saw some flowers and was intent on getting some for his mommy.  Well, the flowers he was set on getting looked a little like this.
Yes, a funeral spray!  I gently guided him to another display of fresh flower bouquets and he picked out some that he liked.

Here are Betty's Mother's Day cards and the flowers.  Notice that she even got a card from Nick!

Left to right: Nick's card, Matt's homemade card, mine, and McKenzie's obnoxiously humongous card!
Sunday, we went to Southaven after Sunday School and took Betty out for lunch and then took her to her favorite spot on earth - Target.  After Target and TJ Maxx we went to Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream.  We had a great weekend and hopefully showed Betty how much we appreciate her.

Even though I talked Matt out of getting the funeral spray for Betty, we did find the perfect final resting place for Betty.  There's a cemetery right across the street from the Olive Branch Target!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013