Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Golf Tournament

Matt has really gotten into golf this year.  We found out about the Coca-Cola Junior Golf Tour and thought it might be something we would be interested in.  I thought we'd spend this year practicing and getting better and try the tour out next year.  I checked it out and found out that this year would be the last year Matt would be in the age group where they could have a caddy.  I really wanted to be out there with Matt his first year so we decided to go ahead and give it a shot this year.

Monday was his first tournament at Big Oaks Golf Course in Tupelo.  We had no idea what to expect and were just looking forward to having some fun.  Well, the little monkey played really well and finished second!  We had so much fun and can't wait for the other tournaments.  We'll play at Ole Miss next Monday, then Old Waverly in West Point June 29th, Corinth on July 20th, and if he is in the top 8 after those tournaments he will qualify for the Tour Championship Tournament in Starkville July 28-29.

We spent the night Sunday in Tupelo since we had an 8:20 tee time.  No girls meant no rules!

Matt picked Longhorn Steakhouse for his night before meal.  Good choice!

You can't go to Tupelo without visiting Elvis!

Or having Elvis visit you!

Matt warming up on the practice green.

There were 93 kids playing in this tournament!

Getting some swings in on the driving range.

Getting ready to tee off on the first tee!

He shot a 45 and finished second!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Visions Camp

McKenzie survived her first Visions camp! I when I say survived I mean survived!! It was a very tough week of everything show choir but she made it. It was like boot camp show choir. This camp is for the high school show choir that she made back in May.  They would start each day with running laps and exercises and then a local minister would do a devotional. After that the kids would learn vocals and choreography to their competition show for the upcoming school year. The kids also participated in team building exercises designed to pull you out of your comfort zone and also help you get to know the other members better. For their last team building exercise, McKenzie's group which consisted of 10 freshmen-seniors had to create their on show to be performed at the parent show on Friday. Her group was given the city of Nashville to create their show. They had to create their stage set, costumes and choreography. We were impressed with the amount of work that went into this. It was quite entertaining to watch all the groups. The other groups were New Orleans, New York and Nassau. The groups were judged at the parent show and McKenzie's group got second place. After the groups did their show they all did part of the competition show for us. It was wonderful! I am amazed at what all they learned in a week of camp. This was a great start to the upcoming season. It is going to be a lot of hard work but hopefully McKenzie will continue to enjoy it and also learn life skills in the process. Here are a few pictures from the week.

On Monday the freshman were assigned families and big sisters to help them all through the year. McKenzie's big sisters are Sloane and Taylor. Each family had to dress as a theme and McKenzie's theme was Hawaiian. They told the kids before the week began to dress in the theme given to them and on Monday they would find out their family. It was all a surprise and a cute way to start out camp.

Here is her Nashville group....

This is the Freshmen class. It is a really talented group of kids. Can't wait to watch them grow as performers and band members.

On a different note, we updated McKenzie's room and bought her a new full bed. Her legs have gotten so long that she just hung off her twin bed. She looked so uncomfortable that I knew we needed to do something. We found this cute silver metal bed in Southaven at the Great American Furniture Store. It looks like a teen girl.  Of course I had so much fun picking out her new comforter and shams. I found the Euro shams and sheet set at Pottery Barn Teen and found this cute gray comforter at Target.com. We left the walls the light pink because I am still not sure what color to paint. I had thought about doing one wall a gray color as the accent wall but still deciding on that. She still has her fuzzy chair to sit in. The bed didn't take up all that much room like I thought. So I am pleased with how it came out.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Last weekend McKenzie danced in Charisma Dance Company's production of Annie. They did an awesome job. We enjoyed it so much!  McKenzie is in Senior Company and 2 high school classes so she was in several dances. All the dancers put their heart and soul into this production. They have been working so hard for months.  It's always so neat to see it all come together with the music and costumes. I think with Annie singing that added a special touch to this year's production. This is our fourth one with Mandy and I think our favorite!  David took a ton of pictures, so we wanted to share some on the blog.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cotillion Tea

Sunday McKenzie and I attended the new member tea for the Grenada Sub-Deb Cotillion Club. This tea honored the new Freshmen and their moms. It was a really nice tea held at First and Green. The sophomores, juniors, seniors, sponsors and former sponsors of the club came and welcomed the freshmen. All the freshmen girls looked so pretty in their white dresses and corsages. We appreciated Mary Catherine and Betty coming as former sponsors to welcome McKenzie.

On a different note, this boy spent four hours at the golf course this afternoon. He loves it! David had to drag him off. He had his lesson first then David met him out there and they practiced hitting and putting at the driving range. Unfortunately it rained Monday and his golf tournament was cancelled. But he will have a few more opportunities this summer if it doesn't rain.

The kids have also been at Vacation Bible School this week. They are enjoying it so much! McKenzie is a teacher in the 4 year old class and a worship leader and Matt is in the 3rd grade class.

This weekend is the time that McKenzie has worked so hard for all year. It is Charisma Dance Company's production of Annie. She is beyond excited about this production. It is Friday and Saturday nights.  She told me the other day that she has had trouble sleeping because she is so excited. McKenzie is a senior company dancer for the first time this year. She goes to dance classes four days a week with two of those days with other company dancers. These classes are for those dancers who are really dedicated and serious about dance. I feel like all those trips I have made back and forth to the studio will be worth it to watch her do what she loves on stage. We will be back with pictures soon!