Friday, June 29, 2012

More Beach Vacation Pictures

As promised, here are some more pictures from our (good) beach vacation including food pics!  I think I take as many pictures of my food as I do of my kids! 

This was the ensemble Matt chose to travel in.  Dear mercy, I don't know what was going through that boy's head.

Usually we stop in Hattiesburg for lunch, but this time we left a little earlier so we could have as much beach time as possible so we made it a little farther by lunch time and ate in Mobile at Felix's.  It was awesome!  I had grilled Mahi Mahi (so nice they named it twice!) and Betty had shrimp and grits.

We talked Matt out of one hat and the jacket before we went in.

We arrived!  Let's go in the condo and get our suits on and head to the beach!
 Last year we went to Bubba's and it was great.  This year we went back and it wasn't quite as good.  It may not make the cut next year.  I had grilled whitefish and Betty had shrimp skewers.

We continued our tradition from last year of getting ice cream every night after supper.  Coincidentally, I continued my tradition of gaining about 15 pounds on vacation!

One of Matt's favorite things to do in Gulf Shores is mini-golfing.  Here he is after making a hole in one.  It was quite impressive going through the whale then down three levels and finally in the hole.

We enjoy going out on the beach at night and enjoying the sound of the waves and the cool ocean breeze.

McKenzie made some friends on the beach.  They were from Memphis and one of them was named McKenzie, too!

The Old Man and the Sea
 We hit Lambert's on the way out for some throwed rolls and massive amounts of food.

It wouldn't be a Cummings vacation in 2012 without a little storming!  It rained on us for just a little while on the way home.

Wish we were still there!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dedication Sunday

Sunday was a special day and a new beginning in the life of our church. It was our first Sunday service in our new sanctuary.  The service was so moving and worshipful!  Andy did a great job with the music. I got chills as we sang Holy Ground at the beginning of the service.  He put together a small orchestra along with Cindy and Diane at organ and piano. The Praise Ensemble that David is a part of also sang special music along with our wonderful choir. Bro. Michael baptized two people. I thought that was special on this day. He preached then we had the Lord's supper. After church we had dinner on the grounds. The food was amazing especially the desserts. David took a bunch of pictures to share on our church's Facebook page and I wanted to share a few of those, too.  Click here to see all the pictures on the Facebook page.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Beach Vacation - The Sequel!

We are back at the beach!  Our first beach vacation was such a disaster that we decided to make a last minute trip again when we saw that there was a chance of actual sunshine this weekend!  So far the weather has cooperated and we have enjoyed a lot of beach time and some pool time.  On a related note, if you or someone you know would like to have portraits made, please go to and let me know!  All proceeds will go to the 2012 Cummings Summer Vacation Fund.

Food pictures will probably follow in a later post.  This one just includes some beach and pool pics of the kids.  The weather has been great.  Of course, no Cummings trip this year would be complete without a major weather event, so there is a potential hurricane brewing out in the Gulf.  Thankfully, it hasn't affected us yet and isn't supposed to until after we leave.  I think the next tropical storm name is supposed to start with a "D", so maybe they'll name it after me!

Look out!  A hurricane!  Oh, nevermind, that's my finger.

Help!  The kids are being attacked by a whale!  That reminds me....We were playing in the pool and Matt hollered at me, "Dad, come over here and play!  You can be the great wide shark!". 

Matt enjoys digging in the sand like a dog and hopping down in the hole.  It's a hoot!  He's a nut!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Fun

Today I took the kids to Spencer's for ice cream. It was so nice outside, we decided to eat at the tables. McKenzie got a winter breeze, Matt a chocolate cone and I got a hot fudge sundae. I love telling the kids stories of how Granny would bring us every Saturday for a treat and also how Marty and I would play at our friend, Stacy's house next door. Her parents owned Spencer's and we were allowed to get anything we wanted which usually included a hamburger and a hot fudge sundae. We would swim in their pool, then we would go over and get food. To a kid, that was awesome. After the kids played a little on the playground, we headed home to play outside. That is when McKenzie and Matt decided they really needed a slip and slide and that Matt would buy it for McKenzie's birthday. So off to Walmart we went with Matt's twenty dollars. Wow, slip and slides have come a long way! The one we bought has two lanes, a wall of water, and slide boogies to slide with so it won't be so hard on your stomach. They had a blast! David got home from work and decided he needed to get in on the action. So with his bad back and knees, he went for it and I have pictures to prove it. Oh my! We love summer at our house!!