Friday, June 22, 2012

Beach Vacation - The Sequel!

We are back at the beach!  Our first beach vacation was such a disaster that we decided to make a last minute trip again when we saw that there was a chance of actual sunshine this weekend!  So far the weather has cooperated and we have enjoyed a lot of beach time and some pool time.  On a related note, if you or someone you know would like to have portraits made, please go to and let me know!  All proceeds will go to the 2012 Cummings Summer Vacation Fund.

Food pictures will probably follow in a later post.  This one just includes some beach and pool pics of the kids.  The weather has been great.  Of course, no Cummings trip this year would be complete without a major weather event, so there is a potential hurricane brewing out in the Gulf.  Thankfully, it hasn't affected us yet and isn't supposed to until after we leave.  I think the next tropical storm name is supposed to start with a "D", so maybe they'll name it after me!

Look out!  A hurricane!  Oh, nevermind, that's my finger.

Help!  The kids are being attacked by a whale!  That reminds me....We were playing in the pool and Matt hollered at me, "Dad, come over here and play!  You can be the great wide shark!". 

Matt enjoys digging in the sand like a dog and hopping down in the hole.  It's a hoot!  He's a nut!

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bettyb said...

~so glad the weather has cooperated,and we need to pray that potential hurricane away. As much as I'd love a visit from my grands,a hurricane is NOT the way I want them to come!! It looks like everyone is having a great time,and all the pictures are wonderful~especially the "dressier" ones. No Cummings blog post would be complete without food pictures, so I'll be anxiously awaiting an update. :-)
Betty Ward