Monday, June 4, 2012

Matt's Buddies

This post is about two of Matt's best buddies - Nick and Mr. Glenn.  Matt and Nick have a special bond.  Whenever Matt starts playing Nick immediately comes running to see what he's doing and wants to join in.  They'll run around the house together like brothers.  Matt is also responsible for Nick's middle name.  Nick's full name is Nicholas Silent E Cummings.  Here are a few pictures of the brothers together.
This is in Matt's "office" which is in his closet.

Chillin' on the couch

Nick will let Matt pick him up and carry him to the couch and will actually stay in his lap!  I've never seen a cat that would let anyone do that!
Sunday, we went to Eupora to visit with Nana and Grand.  We had a great time visiting with them!  Matt wanted to go see his buddy, Mr. Glenn, since he hadn't gotten to see him in months.  They have a special bond through trains and Matt loves to go see him when we go to Eupora.
Mr. Glenn has an impressive collection of trains.  Matt is in heaven!

The tracks go out over the den and along the walls.
Trains aren't the only attraction at Mr. Glenn's.  He also has several games and toys that he makes by hand.

Mr. Glenn asked Matt where he should run his newest train.  That sent Matt on about a fifteen minute dissertation on what kind of tracks Mr. Glenn should build and how they should go through a tunnel and downstairs and maybe through the wall outside and around the chimney and back inside and then through the kitchen and then......

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bettyb said...

Well I never knew Nick had a middle name! Cute pix. I want to go to Mr. Glenn's if Matt succeeds in getting him to lay tracks as he described. I'll bet Matt is in train heaven when he goes to Mr. Glenn's house. It looks awesome.
Betty Ward