Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Polar Express pictures coming soon...I promise. David is working on it. We had a wonderful time. We were so tired last night that the blog did not get updated. Poor McKenzie, she is sick with the croup. I took her to the dr. today and he fixed her  up with two kinds of medicine. So hopefully she will be back in school on Wednesday.
Today the furniture store delivered Matt's big boy bed and he loves it! I love it, too. It is just what I have been looking for all these months. Here is a picture David took of the big boy when he went to bed. It is 9:00 as I write this and Matt is STILL awake staring at his Christmas tree. Poor little guy he goes to bed at 7ish and I guess he is having a little trouble falling asleep. I am happy to report that he has only been up one time.  He claimed he "forgot" to kiss me goodnight. Hopefully soon he will adjust to the change. I will show a picture soon of Matt's new room. I am waiting on one euro sham that I ordered to go with his new bedding. I was so excited to find his quilt at Target this weekend(I went to three in Alabama). I was in heaven. It seemed as if there was one on every corner in that neck of the woods. David didn't really understand why I had to do this but we all know that you can find different stuff at each store. I have been to two different ones in MS in the past month and couldn't find this quilt and they didn't offer it online either. So, I was sooooo happy to find one this weekend. Here is a picture of my finds for his room. 

I forgot to include the cute little sheets with dump trucks, cars and big trucks on them. I wish I could have found train ones but maybe I can find some on sale come January.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Thanksgiving

Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with Betty's family at BettyWard and Ward's house. Of course, there was a lot of very good food and we ate a lot of it!

The kids (and Davis) had fun playing in the leaves. It was really good seeing Davis, Suzanne, and Jacob. Davis always plays with the kids and they love playing with him.

Here are some pictures of the kids (and Davis).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving With The Cummings Family

Wednesday we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Cummings family at my parents' house in Eupora. We haven't taken a big family picture since Matt was born so that was the first order of business when we got to Nana and Grand's. Andy wasn't too thrilled about the idea. His reaction was, "You mean I have to get dressed up for Thanksgiving?". Needless to say, the Cummings family get-togethers are usually pretty casual. We didn't make Andy dress up too much -- everyone wore jeans and some kind of shirt or sweater. Nana made a great Thanksgiving meal of ham, hashbrown casserole, butter beans, and a congealed salad. Then we had apple pie and ice cream until we passed out!
We took our family picture at the Eupora Depot. We then walked over to this little country store to take more pics of the kids. Betty spotted this really neat old brick building with old doors, windows and bricks. So, we took a few more. It was alot of fun.

Here's the family picture....

I took the main picture and then Betty got behind the camera and took one of me and the group and then I put me into the main picture on the computer. My feet are chopped off, but I'll take care of that with cropping when we get a print.

We also took some pictures of the grandchildren. They cooperated really well and I think we got some good shots!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. We have been having a great week. Tomorrow we go to David's family in Eupora and celebrate and then on Thursday to my Aunt Betty's. It doesn't seem like anytime that I was doing last year's Thanksgiving post. Time flies. Here are a few pictures of our Thanksgiving decorations. 

Notice the little place cards on our table. Matt made those in Sunday School and he was sooo excited to put them out.  You will also see their pinecone turkeys they both made in mission friends and GA's. I love the stuff they make. I will be packing these away soon and starting on my Christmas decorating which I am excited about.

Also I wanted to share a picture of my new gallery wrap of McKenzie and Matt. Thank you, David. I love it!! This is a product that he offers through his little photography business. It is really cool. We have been wanting to get one so we could show customers who might be interested in this type of thing. My sister Marty bought one of her kids. It is really good. It is a canvas on stretcher frame with the image printed all around the frame so there is no need for a decorative frame. This picture was taken on our Orange Beach vacation this past summer. This picture makes me smile and reminds me of our fun times there.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Golf at Tigerwoods

Thursday I took off half a day and Matt and I took advantage of the nice weather and played a little golf at The Tigerwoods, aka the Country Club. Matt calls it The Tigerwoods because he's heard the name and the other golf course in town is called The Dogwoods......makes sense, right?

Anyway, we had a great time. Matt wasn't feeling quite up to par (pardon the pun) before lunch, but when I asked him if he wanted to play golf, he immediately got better! Last time we played at The Tigerwoods, Uncle Ward joined us, and when we got to the course this time, Matt said, "I miss Ward playing with us.". We were both a little rusty starting off but we got better as we went along. Matt wore himself out and fell asleep in the chair for about an hour after we got home. Here are a few more pictures of our day.

Our Cute Little Dorothy

Today at school McKenzie was participating in the Parade of Book Characters. She was soooooo excited to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She woke up early this morning and could not wait to put on her costume. Our school has this parade every November and its purpose is to  encourage reading and the love of books. As soon as we figured out what book to read and the character she liked we asked Nana (David's mom) to help us with a costume. She did a great job. She is always good to help me and Jan with all of this kind of stuff! I ordered her some cute glittery red shoes that she can also wear with all of her Christmas outfits.

David and I have not been good at blogging lately. I guess we have been really busy and there hasn't been a lot to blog about either. But we will try to do better! I think I will show y'all my Thanksgiving decorations tomorrow because before long the Christmas stuff will be coming out. Only one more day of school for McKenzie! Yay! David and I are looking forward to a week without homework, tests and projects. Its time for a much needed break. Here are a few pictures of our little Dorothy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Picture Time!

I wanted to share some of the pictures I've taken recently. Here are a couple of recent sessions.

I had the opportunity to take pictures of a little fella named Case the other day. He did a great job! He really came alive when he got to play with his tractor. He would let out the biggest laugh and just smile all over himself. Here are a few pictures.....

I also got to take pictures for Suzanne and her kids, Brooke and Brandon. Brandon was less than thrilled with having to have his picture taken, but Brooke was very excited and even brought a change of clothes! Here are a few of their pictures.....