Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Cute Little Dorothy

Today at school McKenzie was participating in the Parade of Book Characters. She was soooooo excited to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She woke up early this morning and could not wait to put on her costume. Our school has this parade every November and its purpose is to  encourage reading and the love of books. As soon as we figured out what book to read and the character she liked we asked Nana (David's mom) to help us with a costume. She did a great job. She is always good to help me and Jan with all of this kind of stuff! I ordered her some cute glittery red shoes that she can also wear with all of her Christmas outfits.

David and I have not been good at blogging lately. I guess we have been really busy and there hasn't been a lot to blog about either. But we will try to do better! I think I will show y'all my Thanksgiving decorations tomorrow because before long the Christmas stuff will be coming out. Only one more day of school for McKenzie! Yay! David and I are looking forward to a week without homework, tests and projects. Its time for a much needed break. Here are a few pictures of our little Dorothy.

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bettyb said...

Okay,I'll admit that I was beginning to worry about your blogging~or lack there of!! You know I check every day,and I was about to say something~~so I'm glad you posted. McKenzie,you didn't tell me today when I was at your house that you were the PERFECT Dorothy.I just love your pictures,and you had to have been the BEST character there.--glad y'all are back in the blogging world: now if you could rub off on your cousin!!!
Betty Ward