Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving With The Cummings Family

Wednesday we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Cummings family at my parents' house in Eupora. We haven't taken a big family picture since Matt was born so that was the first order of business when we got to Nana and Grand's. Andy wasn't too thrilled about the idea. His reaction was, "You mean I have to get dressed up for Thanksgiving?". Needless to say, the Cummings family get-togethers are usually pretty casual. We didn't make Andy dress up too much -- everyone wore jeans and some kind of shirt or sweater. Nana made a great Thanksgiving meal of ham, hashbrown casserole, butter beans, and a congealed salad. Then we had apple pie and ice cream until we passed out!
We took our family picture at the Eupora Depot. We then walked over to this little country store to take more pics of the kids. Betty spotted this really neat old brick building with old doors, windows and bricks. So, we took a few more. It was alot of fun.

Here's the family picture....

I took the main picture and then Betty got behind the camera and took one of me and the group and then I put me into the main picture on the computer. My feet are chopped off, but I'll take care of that with cropping when we get a print.

We also took some pictures of the grandchildren. They cooperated really well and I think we got some good shots!


bettyb said...

These pictures are wonderful. All of the Cummings grandchildren have really grown up~hard to believe how old Cassie and Caleb are.
--see y'all soon!
Betty Ward

Kellie Berry said...

those are some cute kiddos!:)