Thursday, August 30, 2012


Since the kids have been back in school three weeks, I have had more time to get a couple of projects done around the house. The first being a new kitchen table. I clipped a picture of a farmhouse table a year ago from Pottery Barn that I loved and thought would be cute and functional in our kitchen. I have looked several places for one like it and have had no luck. A friend told me about a couple in town who make these beautiful farmhouse style tables. I was able to have input on all of the details of the table. I was able to choose the size, type of wood, color, and even type of legs for it. I really love how it turned out. After her husband made the table, she distressed it and beat on it with a chain, then stained it a color called Mediterranean. Some women choose to have the legs of the table painted a color, then distressed but I wanted it all this dark brown. That way I can keep the table forever and just change out the chairs when I want a new look. I found the chairs on They are black with a rush seat. If you live in Grenada or near, this couple has a few tables for sale at our Antique Mall. They are also making really cute coffee tables that have the dark tops and distressed colored legs. I have seen similar furniture in my August Southern Living magazine.

Another project that I wanted to do was create a desk area for the playroom where the kids could do their homework. I had my eye on a table David's mom had but wasn't using. I asked her if I could take it and do something with it. So, I have had this table for months thinking I would paint it but never did. I was afraid I would mess it up. The same lady that made my table also takes old pieces and paints and distresses them. I wish I had taken a before picture to show what it looked like but I forgot to. It was an off white which she painted a color called Black Magic on top of it. Next she rubbed a little brown stain on it and then distressed the edges with a sander. I love how it turned out. The kids have requested a rolling chair, so I found a cute red one online that I will order soon. I love to find old pieces and make them new again.

I moved this bulletin board into the kitchen to better keep up with all of our activities.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where have we been?

OK, it's been two weeks since our last post.  Yes, school has started!  I can't believe Nana hasn't fussed at me for not posting for so long.  So, before that happens - here's a post!  I don't have much to say so I thought I would go back a few years and post a few silly pictures of each of us.  Enjoy these pictures from 2009, and we will try to do better!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


School is going well for McKenzie and Matt. They are getting back into a routine. I can tell they are tired, though. It will take time to get used to school again and all that goes with it. It seems like we have been in school a month and its only been one week today!  Can't wait for the weekend! I wanted to share these two pictures that David took with his phone of Matt. I love for David to text me pictures when they are out doing things and I'm not with them. Tuesday after work, David took Matt to hit some golf balls at The Dogwoods. Matt loves it and David said he did better than him! Ha! We are thinking maybe in the future getting him lessons. There is a man here in town who works with kids.

The next picture is taken last night at church.  I can't believe it, but Matt has moved to the 1st-3rd choir. He has been in the preschool choir for three years and now ready for the big stuff. In November they will join McKenzie's choir to combine for the Christmas children's musical to be done in December. This picture cracks me up. That is his song book for the musical and he can't read it. I mean he can read, just not this music! I asked him when I picked him up if he liked his new choir and he said yes but Mama I have to sing 70 pages! Bless his heart I bet all that was overwhelming. Just another way my little man is growing up!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Day of School

Today is our first day of school. McKenzie is in 6th grade and Matt is a first grader. We were so excited that David got to go with us this morning. His boss's little boy started kindergarten and was going with him, so he told David to feel free to go with us. Yay!!  Because of work he has never been able to do this.  It was raining so bad when we took them and traffic was crazy as usual but a little more tricky with the pouring rain. McKenzie was nervous starting middle school but I was so proud of her good attitude this morning. She got in classes with many of her friends so this will help this big transition. We are thankful for her great group of teachers she has this year. She is also in choir and band so she is growing up! Sniff sniff!!

Matt walked in like a little pro this morning. I got so tickled as soon as we walked in his classroom these two precious little girls said, "Hey Matt, give me a hug!" Of course he kept on walking straight back to his locker. Ha! He was very serious as he unpacked his backpack and then went to sit on the rug with the other children. I didn't even get a goodbye hug but I didn't want to push it and maybe get him upset .Matt is in the same multiage class but his teacher Mrs. Granholm retired so he has a new teacher this year,  Ms. Bowen. We still have Mrs. Ross as our assistant. I know Matt will have a great year. So we left and I did my usual after first day dropoff...come home and cry! The house is so quiet today...Here are some pictures of our little sweeties taken before school!

This is McKenzie's locker with all of her "decorations".

As you can see from the picture that Nick is guarding Matt's backpack and lunchbox. We found him in this chair late last night. Don't think he was too happy to be losing his buddy during the day.

McKenzie found this book at Barnes and Noble last weekend. I really recommend it for any girl middle school age or about to be. It's from the American Girl series and talks about everything you need to know about transitioning into middle school. It has really helped her.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Room Update/Back to School Time

McKenzie turned 11 back in July, so I wanted to give her room a little tween update. She has had the same linens since we did her big girl room when she was 3. So it was time for an update. I have plans to paint the room a different color. I am still deciding on that but for now the light pink works. I cleaned out and got rid of some of the clutter so I am pleased with how it turned out and McKenzie loves it.

I found her quilt at PBteen. I think it is such a fun quilt with all the different fabrics. The brown is corduroy. She sits on her bed alot, so its nice that it won't show dirt, unlike the white coverlet she had for years that I had to wash many times. I decided to buy some colorful sheets, too.

I updated the lamps. I found this zebra one at TJMaxx a few months ago. This next lamp I bought recently at Target. The turquiose blue color is an accent color we are using in the room. I used it again in this fuzzy blanket, also found at Target. Luckily, we were able to keep the same rug and chair. I do have plans for different window treaments in the future, maybe drapes of some sort.

For some time I have been seeing these chalkboard calendars and thought that would be so cute on the wall. I found this one on Etsy. Let me tell you it was a nightmare trying to get this thing hung up. David and I both almost lost it trying to hang it correctly. We thought it would be one sheet but it is individual squares. We do love how it turned out and since McKenzie has a busy schedule it will help her keep up with all of her activities.

School starts this week. We go and find out our teachers on Tuesday and their first day will be Thursday. We will have a first grader and a sixth grader. That is hard to believe! I remember this time last year I was so heartbroken at the thought of sending Matt to kindergarten, but it all worked out and he enjoyed it and I survived an "empty nest". We have had a great summer  and have found things to do to pass the time together. It seems like it just started and now its time to go back. I am going to miss them so much! We have been getting our school stuff together for several weeks. Matt has been wanting a camo backback. We found this gray camo one and had his name monogrammed in orange. He is so proud of it. This year at middle school, McKenzie will have a locker. Several of her friends bought locker accessories back a few weeks ago and she decided she wanted some too. Last weekend in Vicksburg we found these really cute accessories at Walmart. My favorite is this tiny chandelier. It runs on batteries and is motion sensored, so everytime she opens her locker, the light comes on. Everything attaches with magnets. We found a dry erase board, pencil holder, mirror and even a locker rug! Here are a few pictures...