Thursday, August 16, 2012


School is going well for McKenzie and Matt. They are getting back into a routine. I can tell they are tired, though. It will take time to get used to school again and all that goes with it. It seems like we have been in school a month and its only been one week today!  Can't wait for the weekend! I wanted to share these two pictures that David took with his phone of Matt. I love for David to text me pictures when they are out doing things and I'm not with them. Tuesday after work, David took Matt to hit some golf balls at The Dogwoods. Matt loves it and David said he did better than him! Ha! We are thinking maybe in the future getting him lessons. There is a man here in town who works with kids.

The next picture is taken last night at church.  I can't believe it, but Matt has moved to the 1st-3rd choir. He has been in the preschool choir for three years and now ready for the big stuff. In November they will join McKenzie's choir to combine for the Christmas children's musical to be done in December. This picture cracks me up. That is his song book for the musical and he can't read it. I mean he can read, just not this music! I asked him when I picked him up if he liked his new choir and he said yes but Mama I have to sing 70 pages! Bless his heart I bet all that was overwhelming. Just another way my little man is growing up!

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bettyb said...

Matt, you are a busy guy with golf and music. You are very well rounded. You can get your mama or your daddy to tell you what that means! I still hope you and Ward get to golf sometime. He loves it too. I can't wait to hear what your music is all about. Tell me at Granny's.
Betty Ward