Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Day of School

Today is our first day of school. McKenzie is in 6th grade and Matt is a first grader. We were so excited that David got to go with us this morning. His boss's little boy started kindergarten and was going with him, so he told David to feel free to go with us. Yay!!  Because of work he has never been able to do this.  It was raining so bad when we took them and traffic was crazy as usual but a little more tricky with the pouring rain. McKenzie was nervous starting middle school but I was so proud of her good attitude this morning. She got in classes with many of her friends so this will help this big transition. We are thankful for her great group of teachers she has this year. She is also in choir and band so she is growing up! Sniff sniff!!

Matt walked in like a little pro this morning. I got so tickled as soon as we walked in his classroom these two precious little girls said, "Hey Matt, give me a hug!" Of course he kept on walking straight back to his locker. Ha! He was very serious as he unpacked his backpack and then went to sit on the rug with the other children. I didn't even get a goodbye hug but I didn't want to push it and maybe get him upset .Matt is in the same multiage class but his teacher Mrs. Granholm retired so he has a new teacher this year,  Ms. Bowen. We still have Mrs. Ross as our assistant. I know Matt will have a great year. So we left and I did my usual after first day dropoff...come home and cry! The house is so quiet today...Here are some pictures of our little sweeties taken before school!

This is McKenzie's locker with all of her "decorations".

As you can see from the picture that Nick is guarding Matt's backpack and lunchbox. We found him in this chair late last night. Don't think he was too happy to be losing his buddy during the day.

McKenzie found this book at Barnes and Noble last weekend. I really recommend it for any girl middle school age or about to be. It's from the American Girl series and talks about everything you need to know about transitioning into middle school. It has really helped her.

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bettyb said...

I love seeing all the first day pictures. It looks like everyone but Nick was very happy. Matt, I think that Nick thought your backpack was a suitcase and that you were getting ready to leave him for a trip! I'll bet he was surprised when you came home so quickly. McKenzie,I hope you got your locker all decorated and that the chandelier worked well!! I love that!!!! I'm so proud of you both,and I hope you have a great school year.
Betty Ward