Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pageant Results

Our pageant weekend is over.  The awards ceremony was at noon on Sunday.  She made the Top 15 and finished 8th out of 41 girls!  McKenzie had a great time and met some nice girls.  Matt and I even enjoyed it!  Here are some pictures from the awards ceremony.  Great job, McKenzie!

The entertainment was the pageant director, Chris Shannon, and the Miss Magnolia 2011 queens singing Mele Kalikimaka.  Yes, a Christmas song in July.  I didn't get it either.

Here are the 41 contestants

This is the Top 15.

We were very excited that McKenzie was crowned by the Queen of England!  I think this means that she's royalty now!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Competition Saturday

We have had such a fun day! This morning we had a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel, stopped by Wal-mart for a few necessities, then it was back to our hotel for McKenzie to get ready for the beauty (Sunday dress) part of the pageant. 

We arrived at the Vicksburg City Auditorium around 1:00 and then it was time for the pre-teen division part of competition. McKenzie is competing with 40 other girls ages 9-11. Here are a few pictures from the Beauty competition.

Watching the Olympic gymnastics inspired Matt to jump on the hotel beds.  He says he doesn't want to take "gymnatchez", though!

We killed some time in the afternoon before heading out around 6:00 for casual wear. This is my favorite part because all of the girls are dressed in fun clothing and you can tell everyone is more relaxed because they have been on stage earlier in the day. Here are a few pictures from Casual Wear.

David took this picture of the kids after we left the auditorium. 

Matt gets the award for BEST little brother! I know this is not his favorite thing but he has been such a trooper. We were starving by this time so we headed to El Sombrero for some delicious Mexican food. We ate here last year, so we knew we wanted to go back again! Tomorrow we go back to the auditorium for awards at noon. We really hate to see this weekend come to an end! Great job today, McKenzie! We are very proud of you!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lucky Number 13!

We are here in Vicksburg for the Little Miss Magnolia State Pageant!  In keeping with our 2012 travel tradition we went through a tremendous thunder storm just before we got to Vicksburg.  We went to the pageant site and registered as soon as we got here.  McKenzie is contestant number 13.  Her beauty competition (Sunday dress) is at 1:20 Saturday afternoon.  The casual wear competition is at 6:20 Saturday evening. 

After registration we ate at Walnut Hills.  Here are our obligatory food pics!

Betty made this sign to hang on our door at the hotel.  Good luck McKenzie!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cousins Are Our First Friends

You know I have heard that statement and it really is true. Matt has had his cousin Luke over to play today and they have had a blast! Luke is spending a few days with his Mel and Poppa. When I found that out I knew we had to get him over so these two could have some much needed playtime. As I write this, every time I look up they are playing something different. Right now I think its spies or it might be something else who knows but I think they have played with everything in Matt's room and playroom. They enjoy the same things so that makes it easier plus they are six months apart in age. I love watching and listening to them. It's so cute! I only wish they lived closer than Jackson. Luke has a new baby sister, Sidney, so I know he is enjoying his time as an only child again while visiting Grenada.  David took a few pictures of Sidney at Kendall's birthday party a few weeks ago. She is so precious and was soooo good the entire party.

McKenzie and Matt are very blessed to have such great cousins, even though most of them are much older, they still take time out for them and are so good to them and for that we are very grateful! Here are some pictures of Luke and Matt at our house and lunch at McDonald's...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday, McKenzie!

Happy Birthday, McKenzie!  This year instead of a party or special trip, she asked to have a couple of her girlfriends to spend the night. They seemed to have had a really good time tonight. The girls got here around five. McKenzie opened her gifts, then they went outside and all took a turn at busting the cupcake pinata. I cooked sloppy joes for supper, then we took the girls to see the movie Brave. It was a really cute movie. After the movie we came home and sang Happy Birthday and ate cake and ice cream. I ordered the cake from Walmart. It was a groovy girl theme. So cute!! Wonder if they will get any sleep tonight??  Here are a few pictures from tonight followed by her annual birthday video that David made for her.
McKenzie, you are such a great daughter and super big sis. Have a special day!  We love you...

McKenzie picked out all of her decorations. She wanted balloons in her room.

She chose a "cupcake"theme and we found this cute banner, tablecloth, plates, napkins and pinata.

Our family birthday sign that I hang out for each of our birthdays. McKenzie and Matt love this.


Silly, sweet friends...
Soon to be 6th graders at GMS!

Our favor boxes that we fixed up for the girls...