Monday, July 16, 2012

Cousins Are Our First Friends

You know I have heard that statement and it really is true. Matt has had his cousin Luke over to play today and they have had a blast! Luke is spending a few days with his Mel and Poppa. When I found that out I knew we had to get him over so these two could have some much needed playtime. As I write this, every time I look up they are playing something different. Right now I think its spies or it might be something else who knows but I think they have played with everything in Matt's room and playroom. They enjoy the same things so that makes it easier plus they are six months apart in age. I love watching and listening to them. It's so cute! I only wish they lived closer than Jackson. Luke has a new baby sister, Sidney, so I know he is enjoying his time as an only child again while visiting Grenada.  David took a few pictures of Sidney at Kendall's birthday party a few weeks ago. She is so precious and was soooo good the entire party.

McKenzie and Matt are very blessed to have such great cousins, even though most of them are much older, they still take time out for them and are so good to them and for that we are very grateful! Here are some pictures of Luke and Matt at our house and lunch at McDonald's...

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bettyb said...

It certainly looks from the big smiles that I see that Matt and Luke had a wonderful time. Matt,I'm so glad that you and Luke got to have some fun.
Betty Ward