Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pageant Results

Our pageant weekend is over.  The awards ceremony was at noon on Sunday.  She made the Top 15 and finished 8th out of 41 girls!  McKenzie had a great time and met some nice girls.  Matt and I even enjoyed it!  Here are some pictures from the awards ceremony.  Great job, McKenzie!

The entertainment was the pageant director, Chris Shannon, and the Miss Magnolia 2011 queens singing Mele Kalikimaka.  Yes, a Christmas song in July.  I didn't get it either.

Here are the 41 contestants

This is the Top 15.

We were very excited that McKenzie was crowned by the Queen of England!  I think this means that she's royalty now!

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bettyb said...

Congratulations, McKenzie!!
We are so proud of your placing like you did at the pageant. From all the pictures it looked like you did a great job,and I'm glad the judges saw it too! I told your mom that Ward said that you would always be no.1 to us~~and that is the truth!!
Betty Ward
p.s. I like that little bitty crown pin on your sash. I hope you got to keep that!