Friday, August 8, 2014

Wrapping Up Summer

School has started but I thought I would share what we did  the last few weeks of summer. David and Matt have been playing golf every chance they get. Matt loves it. They either play at The Dogwoods or practice there at the driving range. David is thrilled that they can do this together because he enjoys playing, too.

 A couple of weekends ago we went to Birmingham for McKenzie's birthday trip. We had such great time! We stayed at The Wynfrey Hotel.
It was such a beautiful hotel and the best part is that it opened into the Galleria mall. She had birthday money to spend so this was the perfect set up. David and Matt would go do golf things and McKenzie and I would go shopping. The mall was wonderful in that it had every store you could imagine. So when we would get tired, we would go back to the room and rest a little, then go back to the mall. We were able to find some cute things for school and she spent some of her birthday money, too. I am thinking this would be a wonderful place to go Christmas shopping! McKenzie and I found Forever 21 store. This was the biggest one I have ever seen. I am always reading about this store on blogs. We didn't buy anything in there but it was fun to look. We ate so much food that weekend. One place that we wanted to try was Dreamland BBQ in Northport, AL. It was a neat place to eat lunch on the way home that Sunday. Here are some random i phone pics we took during that weekend.

The last week of summer break Matt went to Delta State's basketball camp. Matt had a blast. It was four days and David had some vacation days saved, so he wanted to take him over to Cleveland each morning. A couple of days they stayed and played golf at DSU in the afternoons and one afternoon they went to the train museum.  McKenzie and I joined them on Friday. At the end of the last day, the coaches had an awards ceremony and Matt received a trophy for winning the driving layup contest.

McKenzie did a couple of dance workshops this summer where they focused on leaps and turns. I can't imagine how dizzy I would be after that but she loves it! Speaking of dance, Mrs. Mandy has a brand new 4.000 sq ft. studio for her Charisma students. It's not completely finished but it is coming along. It is going to be a great studio. You can see pictures on her FaceBook page Charisma Dance.

It was a great summer but we are getting excited about fall and all the good things that come with it!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Day 2014

Today it's back to the books! McKenzie is an eighth grader at Grenada Middle School and Matt is a third grader at the Lower Elementary. We took them yesterday to meet their teachers. Matt is in looping so he will have Mrs. Keys and same class again for 3rd grade. McKenzie has all new teachers. She made the singing group Entertainers back in May so she will be doing that 4th period every day. McKenzie has friends in each class so that made her happy. I always have a huge lump in my throat every year at this time and could cry at any moment but that's just part of being a parent.  I did manage to keep it together until I drove home. I'm so thankful for the great summer and time that we spent with them. McKenzie and Matt, we hope you have a great school year!