Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving week got started off Sunday night with McKenzie's school show choir, Pizzazz, singing at the Community Thanksgiving Service at the Methodist Church.  They did a great job!  Here she is in her Pizzazz dress.

We have all been excited to be out of school and off work this week.  I worked Monday and I've been off the rest of the week.  Nick has enjoyed having everyone home all day, too.  He wakes Betty and me up early every morning and then waits impatiently for his playmates to get up and play with him.  He spends the rest of his time on the computer....

Wednesday we went to Eupora to have Thanksgiving with my family.  Everyone did a better job staying awake than last year.  Well, everyone except Andy...

Nana cooked a wonderful meal and we had a great time stuffing ourselves and visiting and laughing.

Thursday we went to BettyWard's to have Thanksgiving with Betty's family.  Once again we stuffed ourselves with wonderful food and enjoyed visiting with everyone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kitty Update

We are loving our new, sweet kitty! I am so glad we decided to get another one. Nick is just what we needed to help us get over losing Max. It also helps that he looks just like Max. Nick is seven months old and we can't get over how calm and sweet he is. He is definitely a lap kitty because whenever you sit down, he likes to sit and snuggle. He loves computers, too. If you are on the computer he is going to sit in your lap and look at whatever you are doing on it.  Here are a few pictures of Nick. As you can see he loves to sit on pillows. Well, he is at the right house then because we have plenty of those.

On November 1st  I packed up all of our Halloween stuff and put out a few Thanksgiving things. Here are a few pictures...

The kids are officially out for Thanksgiving break. McKenzie has an eye dr. appointment in Jackson on Friday, so we are looking forward to kicking off the break with lunch at Hamil's and a little Target shopping after we get through at Dr. Mungan's office. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Cat

We decided we wanted to go ahead and get another cat and started looking Wednesday night.  We wanted to get another orange tabby cat and we found one on the Grenada animal shelter Facebook page.  We also found one on at the Greenwood animal shelter.  The one in Greenwood was a male and that's what we really wanted so Betty called them on Thursday morning.  They said we could have him but we had to wait a few days since he had just been "fixed".  They said we could come get him Sunday afternoon so we decided to make a day of it and go to church at my old church in Itta Bena, go eat lunch at the Crystal Grill, and then go get our new cat.  First, we went to Wal-Mart on Friday night and bought some stuff for the cat.  Here's Matt trying out the cat's new bed.

We had a great time at church and after church getting to see several old friends from Itta Bena.  It's always enjoyable to go to Itta Bena.  Time just seems to slow down when you enter the city limits and everyone is always so loving and sweet.  We got our faithful blog-reader, Sandra Joiner, to take a picture of us in front of the church before we left...

My best friend, Wayne, and his family (Michelle and Karle) went to lunch with us at the Crystal and we had a great time visiting and laughing with them.

After lunch we headed to the animal shelter to get our new cat.  We debated for days about what we would name him.  We had several suggestions including, Bubba, Bo, Chester, Max II, Sam, and Silent E.  That last one was Matt's suggestion.  We decided to go with one of McKenzie's suggestions, Nick.  Nick was the name of Max's best friend from years ago.  They hung out together all the time until Nick got sick and died.  We thought that was a good choice and a even a tie to Max, so, Nick it is!

We brought Nick home and let him explore the house and start getting used to his new surroundings.  He is a loving cat and he's also quite active.  He's about 7 months and spent the first couple of hours running around the house checking everything out.  Here are a few pictures of our newest addition, Nick....

 For some reason he likes to get up around our heads!

 He also likes to sit in my lap.  In fact, he's sitting in my lap right now as I type this!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Saturday was a very sad day for the Cummings family.  Our fourteen year old cat, Max, died.  Max had been sick for the last several months and had to spend a few days at the vet on a couple of different occasions.  He was a great cat and a great protector for the kids.  You don't think of a cat as a protector, but Max felt like it was his responsibility to look after the kids especially when they were outside.  He would always go outside with them when they went out to play and he'd just sit and watch them.  One time, Matt was about 3 and we were in the front yard.  Max kept getting between Matt and a bush and wouldn't let Matt get near the bush.  Betty went to see what he was doing and saw a snake under that bush!

We miss him a lot but we're thankful for the time we had with him.  Here are some pictures of Max through the years.