Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kitty Update

We are loving our new, sweet kitty! I am so glad we decided to get another one. Nick is just what we needed to help us get over losing Max. It also helps that he looks just like Max. Nick is seven months old and we can't get over how calm and sweet he is. He is definitely a lap kitty because whenever you sit down, he likes to sit and snuggle. He loves computers, too. If you are on the computer he is going to sit in your lap and look at whatever you are doing on it.  Here are a few pictures of Nick. As you can see he loves to sit on pillows. Well, he is at the right house then because we have plenty of those.

On November 1st  I packed up all of our Halloween stuff and put out a few Thanksgiving things. Here are a few pictures...

The kids are officially out for Thanksgiving break. McKenzie has an eye dr. appointment in Jackson on Friday, so we are looking forward to kicking off the break with lunch at Hamil's and a little Target shopping after we get through at Dr. Mungan's office. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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bettyb said...

All the new kitty pix are so cute. ~love the one of Nick stretched out on the chair. It definitely looks like he has found his home!!Your Thanksgiving decor is very pretty also.
Betty Ward