Saturday, August 4, 2012

Room Update/Back to School Time

McKenzie turned 11 back in July, so I wanted to give her room a little tween update. She has had the same linens since we did her big girl room when she was 3. So it was time for an update. I have plans to paint the room a different color. I am still deciding on that but for now the light pink works. I cleaned out and got rid of some of the clutter so I am pleased with how it turned out and McKenzie loves it.

I found her quilt at PBteen. I think it is such a fun quilt with all the different fabrics. The brown is corduroy. She sits on her bed alot, so its nice that it won't show dirt, unlike the white coverlet she had for years that I had to wash many times. I decided to buy some colorful sheets, too.

I updated the lamps. I found this zebra one at TJMaxx a few months ago. This next lamp I bought recently at Target. The turquiose blue color is an accent color we are using in the room. I used it again in this fuzzy blanket, also found at Target. Luckily, we were able to keep the same rug and chair. I do have plans for different window treaments in the future, maybe drapes of some sort.

For some time I have been seeing these chalkboard calendars and thought that would be so cute on the wall. I found this one on Etsy. Let me tell you it was a nightmare trying to get this thing hung up. David and I both almost lost it trying to hang it correctly. We thought it would be one sheet but it is individual squares. We do love how it turned out and since McKenzie has a busy schedule it will help her keep up with all of her activities.

School starts this week. We go and find out our teachers on Tuesday and their first day will be Thursday. We will have a first grader and a sixth grader. That is hard to believe! I remember this time last year I was so heartbroken at the thought of sending Matt to kindergarten, but it all worked out and he enjoyed it and I survived an "empty nest". We have had a great summer  and have found things to do to pass the time together. It seems like it just started and now its time to go back. I am going to miss them so much! We have been getting our school stuff together for several weeks. Matt has been wanting a camo backback. We found this gray camo one and had his name monogrammed in orange. He is so proud of it. This year at middle school, McKenzie will have a locker. Several of her friends bought locker accessories back a few weeks ago and she decided she wanted some too. Last weekend in Vicksburg we found these really cute accessories at Walmart. My favorite is this tiny chandelier. It runs on batteries and is motion sensored, so everytime she opens her locker, the light comes on. Everything attaches with magnets. We found a dry erase board, pencil holder, mirror and even a locker rug! Here are a few pictures...

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bettyb said...

I love the "new" room! I had forgotten it was being updated to a more age appropriate status for McKenzie.
Matt, I also love the new backpack,and you will look so old carrying it. :-( I hope you both have a great year,and I look forward to all the posts and reports telling me all about it.
Betty Ward