Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Fun

Today I took the kids to Spencer's for ice cream. It was so nice outside, we decided to eat at the tables. McKenzie got a winter breeze, Matt a chocolate cone and I got a hot fudge sundae. I love telling the kids stories of how Granny would bring us every Saturday for a treat and also how Marty and I would play at our friend, Stacy's house next door. Her parents owned Spencer's and we were allowed to get anything we wanted which usually included a hamburger and a hot fudge sundae. We would swim in their pool, then we would go over and get food. To a kid, that was awesome. After the kids played a little on the playground, we headed home to play outside. That is when McKenzie and Matt decided they really needed a slip and slide and that Matt would buy it for McKenzie's birthday. So off to Walmart we went with Matt's twenty dollars. Wow, slip and slides have come a long way! The one we bought has two lanes, a wall of water, and slide boogies to slide with so it won't be so hard on your stomach. They had a blast! David got home from work and decided he needed to get in on the action. So with his bad back and knees, he went for it and I have pictures to prove it. Oh my! We love summer at our house!!

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bettyb said...

Hi,McKenzie and Matt,
YUM!!! I LOVE Spencer's,and I really like the winter breeze!! Do you know that Spencer's has been there so long that I went there when I was y'all's age?? That is OLD. Also did you know that I had a slip n slide?? That was a LONG time ago!!! Mine was very narrow and didn't have the bumper at the end. Granny's backyard was very sloped,and when you started sliding you would slide right off the end of it onto the grass. Ouch. It was mainly just a piece of yellow plastic. I am very impressed that your daddy gave it a try~especially in the front yard. HAHA.
~glad you're having fun in the summertime and I hope I see you Sunday.
Betty Ward