Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Living Room

Kelly's Korner is starting the summer by having her series Show Us Your Homes. This weekend its Show Us your Living Rooms. I think its fun to link up and also I enjoy looking at other people's homes. Our living room is definitely a well lived in room in our home.
David and I love pictures so I have started two gallery walls and will continue to add pictures to them. The first one is in the corner of our room behind our leather chair and ottoman.

Second gallery wall...

I use to have a rug in here that I never really liked, so I sold it and looked for six months and finally found this one on It is just what I wanted. Our den is a little on the dark side so I wanted to brighten it up.

I am obsessed with pillows! I always have been...just ask David we use to have fifteen on our bed. (David: It was like Mount Pillowmanjaro!)  Not anymore though. Since having kids I am too tired to put that many on it, so just a few are just fine. I found these pretty ones at Target. I really like how the floral and the red pillows go with the rug. It also brightens up the dark couch.

Love this brown zebra pillow...

I am always changing what is on our coffee table according to the seasons. Right now for summer I have a collection of shells from one our beach trips and favorite magazines.

Our entertainment piece is just what was needed for this long wall. It is actually a sideboard but when I saw it in the furniture store, I knew it would be perfect for our TV. The lamps are from Walmart and the baskets I found at Target and are great for holding the kids' books. I keep the theme going in the room with the baskets. One is cute for holding magazines I am still going through and the other for holding superheroes.

Our mantle is something we had built after moving here. For spring and summer I placed a painting on it and my collection of McCarty rabbits. Down below is the perfect space to keep some of Matt's superhero toys that he plays with everyday.

Our holds many pictures and sentimental things.

And finally...David's club chair and ottoman. Above hangs one of my favorite pictures that he has taken of the kids. The cute pillow...from Walmart.

Have fun checking out other homes on the tour!!


Natasha said...

My husband loves the Mount Pillowmajaro comment! That's totally how he feels too :)

Natasha said...

My husband loves the Mount Pillowmajaro comment! That's totally how he feels too :)

Nancy said...

I love it! So very pretty!

bettyb said...

I had wondered if you were taking part in the tour! Your post really shows up well,and you have done a great job with a great big room. My fav. is the bookcase~and of course all the pictures. You must have inherited your love of pictures from your aunt. :-)

Tammy said...

I love pictures too! You do such a great job of grouping them! Love the built in bookcase!!