Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cotillion Tea

Sunday McKenzie and I attended the new member tea for the Grenada Sub-Deb Cotillion Club. This tea honored the new Freshmen and their moms. It was a really nice tea held at First and Green. The sophomores, juniors, seniors, sponsors and former sponsors of the club came and welcomed the freshmen. All the freshmen girls looked so pretty in their white dresses and corsages. We appreciated Mary Catherine and Betty coming as former sponsors to welcome McKenzie.

On a different note, this boy spent four hours at the golf course this afternoon. He loves it! David had to drag him off. He had his lesson first then David met him out there and they practiced hitting and putting at the driving range. Unfortunately it rained Monday and his golf tournament was cancelled. But he will have a few more opportunities this summer if it doesn't rain.

The kids have also been at Vacation Bible School this week. They are enjoying it so much! McKenzie is a teacher in the 4 year old class and a worship leader and Matt is in the 3rd grade class.

This weekend is the time that McKenzie has worked so hard for all year. It is Charisma Dance Company's production of Annie. She is beyond excited about this production. It is Friday and Saturday nights.  She told me the other day that she has had trouble sleeping because she is so excited. McKenzie is a senior company dancer for the first time this year. She goes to dance classes four days a week with two of those days with other company dancers. These classes are for those dancers who are really dedicated and serious about dance. I feel like all those trips I have made back and forth to the studio will be worth it to watch her do what she loves on stage. We will be back with pictures soon!

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bettyb said...

Y'all are busy already and summer has just started! I enjoyed seeing all the cute new members at the Cotillion tea, especially McKenzie. Matt, I had wondered why I had not heard news of your golf tournament last week,and now I know why. I know you had to be very disappointed: probably like Ward when it rains and he can't play!! McKenzie, good luck with the Annie production this week end although I'm sure you don't need it. I know you love to dance,and I'm sure you will shine.
love, BettyWard