Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

This weekend was a great Mother's Day weekend.  I got to see my sweet Mama Friday night when she and Dad came to watch McKenzie's dance production of "Little Red".  (I'll post some pictures of that soon.)  Of course, I also called her first thing Sunday morning so I could beat Andy.  Point for me!  Ha! 

The kids are so impatient when it comes to giving and getting gifts.  I think they get that from their mother.  We did our Saturday morning breakfast thing and then went to Walmart and picked up cards for Betty.  They wanted to go ahead and give their stuff to Betty Saturday so that's what we did.  At Walmart, Matt saw some flowers and was intent on getting some for his mommy.  Well, the flowers he was set on getting looked a little like this.
Yes, a funeral spray!  I gently guided him to another display of fresh flower bouquets and he picked out some that he liked.

Here are Betty's Mother's Day cards and the flowers.  Notice that she even got a card from Nick!

Left to right: Nick's card, Matt's homemade card, mine, and McKenzie's obnoxiously humongous card!
Sunday, we went to Southaven after Sunday School and took Betty out for lunch and then took her to her favorite spot on earth - Target.  After Target and TJ Maxx we went to Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream.  We had a great weekend and hopefully showed Betty how much we appreciate her.

Even though I talked Matt out of getting the funeral spray for Betty, we did find the perfect final resting place for Betty.  There's a cemetery right across the street from the Olive Branch Target!

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bettyb said...

I needed to laugh this morning,and you certainly did your part in helping me. That is the funniest thing about the flower spray,and I so wish you had bought it! I thought that was funny until I saw the cemetery across the street from Target. Heaven on earth I suppose. Someone needs to remind BA of all the attention she got when fathers day rolls around. I'll bet you get to go back to Southaven and go shopping!!!! You and the kids did good.
Betty Ward