Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Red

McKenzie had the opportunity to dance in Charisma Dance Company's production, Little Red. The show was this past Friday and Saturday nights. She loved every minute of it! It was wonderful. We couldn't wait to go back the second night to see it again!  Her teacher Mandy Bell is so talented and creative. She even dances with them on certain songs. It amazes us how she puts together these productions once a year. Little Red was Mandy's version of Little Red Riding Hood. Her theme of the show was let faith help you find your way, let hope be a place you can stay, and let love pour out of you everyday. McKenzie takes contemporary ballet, jazz and hip hop. All the girls and guys danced their hearts out. David took pictures and you can see more of Little Red on his website.

Here are some of our favorites...

McKenzie and Mandy... so thankful for her influence in McKenzie's life. She is an inspiration to all who know her. She teaches these kids about dance and having faith in God.

McKenzie's "big sister" at the show to help her with anything she needed, Sidney Taylor.

Her favorite high school dancer... Mary Courtney Self.

McKenzie with "Little Red", Raechel Shaw.

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bettyb said...

McKenzie, I love all these pictures! I wish I had seen the play. :-( I can tell that you did a great job,but there is only one problem: you look TOO OLD. ~stop doing that!! You looked beautiful.
Betty Ward