Sunday, May 5, 2013

Children's Choir Spring Musical

Sunday night was the Children's Choir's Spring musical "Creation Sensation".  Since Matt was sick for the Christmas musical and didn't get to sing in that one, it made the Spring musical Matt's first musical and McKenzie's last musical in Children's Choir.  I cannot believe that McKenzie is about to be a "youth"!  This was her 12th musical in Children's Choir and it seems like yesterday that she was singing in her first.

Andy told the kids to watch him and sing and do the motions.  Matt took him so literally that he never looked at anything except Andy!  He wouldn't even look at me and as one of the choir teachers I was sitting down front right beside Andy!  McKenzie did great on her speaking part and on her solo.  We'll miss seeing her perform in these musicals.

During dress rehearsal my camera broke.  If you know me then you know how devastating that was to me!  Thankfully, our good friends Kellie and Ryan Berry took some pictures for us and Ryan even took a video on his phone!  You know we can't go through anything without pictures!

Here are some pictures and a video of McKenzie's solo.

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bettyb said...

Good job McKenzie and Matt. Matt I could tell that you knew exactly what to do with each song. And McKenzie, your voice sounds awesome. I'm so glad you love to sing. So do I! But I don't sing as well as you!
Betty Ward