Saturday, April 27, 2013

Busy Month

We have had a lot going on this month! I believe April is a busier time than December. I have looked at the calendar and can't believe McKenzie and Matt have about 3 more weeks of school. This school year has flown! McKenzie has had her school choir concert, got to perform in the Visions spring show, is preparing for Charisma Dance co. production in two weeks and her church kids' musical, too. So lots and lots of practices not to mention school!

Matt started baseball practice back in March. The regular season starts next week. His team is the Bulldogs. Chris Klinck is his coach and David is one of the assistant coaches. I think David is enjoying not having the responsibility of being head coach this year. It is a lot of responsibility. Matt has also had a hospital stay this month. Poor thing had the stomach flu all last week. He ended up in the hospital with dehydration at the beginning of this week. We also learned while there he had strep. He was one sick little boy.  So after two days in the hospital, he is feeling better. Matt was so brave while we were there. The nurses loved him and were so good to him.  We were in the new part of GLMC and had a nice big room.  I believe Matt really enjoyed his time there. He said funny things like after family started bringing gifts, "Mama I like being here, I get presents!"!  One time he told me he wished that his hospital room was his room. What?! You know he is mine and David's child when he talks about food. He would get excited when they would bring his tray in and I would open the lid to reveal his meal. After eating his grilled chicken sandwich and fries he said, "Mama this is the best place on earth!". Well, I'm glad he had such a good attitude about it. When he and I  were discharged, he said he felt like we were leaving vacation. Well, maybe for him but not for me ha! I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck. I think this is a compliment to the wonderful nurses and Dr. Chisley who made him feel comfortable and happy all while being in the hospital.
My  poor baby...he does look cute in his little hospital gown.

Today was awards day at GMS and McKenzie's 6th grade choir sang at the 6th grade program. She was excited to wear a cute dress instead of the usual uniform. Can't believe how much this girl has grown since Christmas. She is now as tall as I am! Ugh... please stop growing!!

On a last note, my azaleas have been beautiful these last two weeks. I love when all my plants put on new growth at the beginning of spring. Everything looks so fresh and new. I put out pine straw and now can't wait to plant summer flowers. Here are a few pictures from our front yard...

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bettyb said...

I am glad last week is behind you even tho Matt enjoyed his little "vacation spot". What a nice compliment that was for the hospital staff and his doctor. McKenzie, you are growing up too fast,so mind your mama and stop it!!! ~cute pix and great looking yard.
Betty Ward