Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

I love this time of year and sooo glad its September. Ready for cooler weather and all the fun that Fall brings. We are already looking at Halloween costumes. Its just two months away! We have had a fun weekend. Everyone at our house is looking forward to the day off tomorrow. Yesterday we went to Memphis for the day. We went to the Arcade for lunch but it was such a crowd waiting we decided to go to Five Guys instead. It was yum!  They had the neatest drink machine. This was new because last time we were there they didn't have it. You know you are from a small town when you want to take a picture of it. It had a computer screen where you make your selection. It had all these different flavors of sprite, mr. pibb and coke. This was the first time we had used one of these.

Home Goods has opened a new store and I wanted to go check it out. I had read about it on blogs. It really reminds me of the home decor section of TJ Maxx. Cute things at good prices. While I was in there I ran into my cousin, Lynette, who I have not seen in years. So, it was great to catch up with her. By that time, my family had had enough of Home Goods, so we went to a few other stores to get a few necessities the kids needed.

David:  "I can only imagine how long these poor husbands waited for their wives in this horrible place."

I love to go to Hobby Lobby this time of year because they have out all their fall/Halloween decor and Christmas decor out. It did not disappoint. All the trees were so pretty. I found this revolving tree stand that I would love to have. There was one on display and the tree was so pretty. You couldn't help but get in the Christmas spirit when you saw all the trees, wreaths and ornaments. We will be dragging all that out before you know it.

Afterwards we went to The Side Porch for my early birthday dinner and it was wonderful. I took this picture of McKenzie and Matt outside the restaurant.

Today, Matt is not feeling well. He has had fever off and on all day. Poor baby. Here is a picture of him and Nick. Nick is so good to lay with anyone of us who may not be feeling well. Hopefully Matt will feel better tomorrow because Andy and Jan have invited us over to eat for Labor Day. Can't wait!

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bettyb said...

These pictures are great~I love all the fall stuff,but I am going to pass on Christmas decorations right now! I know it was pretty tho,and I love the idea of the revolving tree. Your door looks great. David,if you ever get tired of your current profession I do believe you have a future as a comedian!! ~loved the remark about the mummies.
Happy Fall, Y'all,
Betty Ward