Friday, December 17, 2010

Matt's Christmas Party

Matt's Christmas party at preschool was Thursday. The theme of the party was The Polar Express. It was so much fun and the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. Mrs. Michelle and Mrs. Ann went above and beyond to make this a fun morning for the kids. When we arrived Matt was greeted by Mrs. Claus (aka Mrs. Michelle) and given a ticket. Mrs. Michelle's husband was nice enough to play Santa. Mrs Ann created a train out of cardboard then nailed it to the little benches so that they could pretend to be riding the Polar Express. Next Mrs Michelle read the book to them.

Santa joined the train ride and gave the kids a bell.

Poor little Matt was still not feeling well as you can see in this picture. He is still recovering from bronchitis.

They enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies, too.

Before Santa left Mrs. Claus gave Santa a kiss. The kids loved this!

 The kids drew names for presents and this is Ian thanking Matt for his gift.  

Matt was excited to get his gift!

After watching a little of the Polar Express movie, we all enjoyed a yummy lunch of sausage balls, homemade pizza rolls, pigs in the blanket, fruit and cookies.

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bettyb said...

Matt, your party looked like so much fun. I am so glad that you felt well enough that you could go. I know that you liked it since it was about the Polar Express. I hope you feel great by now.