Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas with the Families

Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebrations with our families.  We had a great time at Marty's and at Nana and Grand's!

First up is Betty's family...
Matt was ready to open presents from the moment we got there.

Harry Caray or George Burns?

....and then to Nana and Grand's...

Matt had it made!
Chunch didn't feel well.  We hope he didn't give us the flu for Christmas!

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bettyb said...

~loved seeing all the Christmas pictures. We had such a good time at Marty and Kenny's,and you could tell it in the pixs! I am still mulling over whether I prefer being married to Harry Carrey or George Burns! :)Hey,David,at least it looked like every one was awake for this holiday at your parents~~except for Andy,and he just looked sorta dead,not asleep.