Saturday, December 11, 2010

Matt's Christmas Play

Matt had his school's Christmas program Friday morning.  Matt is not a fan of big crowds or calling attention to himself, so we were very proud of him for belting his line out loud and singing out on all of his songs!  His part in the play was a package and his line was, "I'm glad Jesus came as a little package!".  He told us later that before they came in he wanted to cry but he held his cry in.  He said he had tears all the way down to his legs, but he held them in.  Bless his heart!  Here are some pictures...

This is Matt's teacher, Miss Michelle, or Miss Chelle as Matt calls her.

Matt with his friend, Carter.
This is Matt's other teacher, Miss Ann.

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bettyb said...

That is the cutest Christmas package I have ever seen. Way to go, Matt! I am SO proud of you for being in this play and doing such a good job.