Sunday, December 12, 2010

Church Christmas Program

Sunday night was McKenzie and Matt's Christmas program at church.  McKenzie got pressed into extra duty at the last minute.  One of the girls who had a big part in the play got sick Sunday and wasn't able to be there.  We found out Sunday morning and Andy asked McKenzie to fill in for her and learn the girl's lines.  McKenzie practiced her lines Sunday afternoon and did a great job Sunday night!

Matt wasn't feeling too good Sunday night and wasn't very excited about singing, but he did a great job, too!  Here are some pictures from the night....

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bettyb said...

Matt,I am so glad you felt like singing~it must have been the good back scratch you got this afternoon at Granny's!!! McKenzie, I am very,very proud that you could step in and do such an awesome job for your choir. I know God was proud too!