Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 2 and Zoo Lights

I'm a little late getting the pictures of the Davis Thanksgiving on the blog.  My mother asked why she hasn't seen any unflattering pictures of my in-laws yet.  I told her I don't make the news, I just report the news.  On to the pictures....
Here's the annual team picture.

On Friday, we decided to go freeze ourselves at the Memphis Zoo Lights.  It was very cold, but we had fun!
The kids were tired already from Thanksgiving week.  They passed out on the way to Memphis.
This is at The Arcade.  We didn't see any celebrities that time....
 ....but Matt did find a train to play with.

Here are some pictures from the Memphis Zoo Lights...

This was on the North Pole Express train.

This is either Dasher or Dancer.  Moments later the kids got to see a reindeer pee!  Christmas Magic!!!

 Matt in a wolf hat.


bettyb said...

Y'all looked SO cold. BA's nose looked like Rudolph in one picture!! ~~The pix were very good even with the cold,and David your "commentating" gets better and better.McKenzie and Matt,y'all looked like you have a very good time!

bettyb said...

~~oops; I meant to say it looked like you HAD a very good time!

Susan B said...

I love reading the adventures of the Cummings family!!! your last post about Thanksgiving and pics of everyone napping was so funny!!
keep them coming!!!