Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beach Time

We are having a great time here in Gulf Shores!  We arrived Monday. The kids have been counting down for weeks to vacation. I have been looking forward to sticking my toes in the sand and feeling the warm sun since April when life got too busy. It's always nice to get away from everything. Of course other than the beach, eating is another favorite activity. We have found some great places, too.  Last night we did our annual beach picture taking session. This year David wanted to go down the road to the Gulf State Park to take pictures. I'm so glad we did, it was beautiful down there with the sand dunes. It was a beautiful night for taking them. We were not alone. Several others had the same idea including what look like professionals shooting for a magazine. That was fun to watch. My only complaint was that it was very windy, so hair was flying everywhere. But David managed to capture some really great shots.  Here are a few of our favorites...

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bettyb said...

Okay, y'all look way too old ~not you,David and Betty Ann!!! I love the one of McK and Matt laughing. McKenzie, I love your dress. You gave me a few hints at Granny's on Sunday about it being "part white". Matt, you still look like you are almost a teenager!!!
Have fun and soak up some rays for me.
Betty Ward