Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Hearts Day!

David and I were just saying yesterday that this has been a very long week. I think its due to the fact that we had two snow days where school was canceled and our routine was messed up. We did have a couple of great days, though. It was a nice little surprise vacation for McKenzie and Matt. I just wish they could have had some really good snow like we had a few years ago. Oh well, maybe next year. I took this picture the other night when it started snowing. It's a little dark but as you can see they were very pumped about the weather and it had just been announced that they would be out of school for the second day.

Every year we give the kids a Valentine's basket. I love doing this for them. This year we gave McKenzie a pair of Keds that she was wanting for spring along with her favorite candy. Matt wanted to add another Disney Infinity character to his game system so we gave him Dash and his favorite candy. I think they will love it! Not sure what we have planned yet, but Matt has a basketball game, so we will go somewhere nice to eat on Saturday for Valentine's Day. Can't wait!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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bettyb said...

Happy hearts day to all the Cummings family!
--love the baskets,and I,too,wish we had had a real snow.
Betty Ward