Monday, June 9, 2014

Beach Pictures 2014

Monday we took our annual beach pictures of the kids.  We're having a great time so far and the weather has been beautiful.  We may get some rain Wednesday but we may be ready for it by then!  Enjoy the pics of the kids.... especially the last one!

This last one has so much going on!  The kids are acting silly with Matt looking like somebody shot him and McKenzie looking like she's in a cheesy movie running down the beach to meet her boyfriend.  Meanwhile, in the background, we have a half naked old fisherman, a woman standing in the surf doing a Wonder Woman pose, and the best of all, a poor lady who had just done a face plant in the sand.  Enlarge and enjoy!


bettyb said...

Because of the last shot I will refuse to EVER go to the beach with you! These pictures are wonderful,and oh, my how the kids are growing. :-(
I hope y'all have great weather and that you see no sharks.
Betty Ward

Mel said...

These are so good!! It is just shocking to see how much older they look this year!! Wow!! Time is just flying by!! Glad y'all had a good week!!