Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Betty is having a garage sale this Saturday and one of the items she's selling is McKenzie's old Easy Bake Oven.  That brought back some memories and we thought we'd share a priceless video of McKenzie doing a cooking show using her Easy Bake Oven from six years ago.


Susan B said...

This was one of the first posts I read about your precious family! I thought she was the sweetest thing!
I miss seeing you at church!
My favorite video was the one of my daughter in law chewing gum in church in the choir! Hilarious!

bettyb said...

This is so funny! I remember watching it when it was new. McKenzie, you are quite the actress! ~and I'd forgotten about Matt saying "oh" to answer back in the day. My how you both have grown.
Betty Ward
p.s. McK, did you know that Ward gave me an easy bake oven a couple of years ago?? I always wanted one when I was little and never had so he gave me one! Maybe I should shoot a cooking show!!! NOT