Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Fun

Halloween was a lot of fun this year! McKenzie decided she was too old to dress up and go trick or treating but we still have Matt! I asked him a few weeks ago what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween and he said he wanted to be a Ninja again like last year. So that is what we did. We hung out at the house for awhile and the kids gave out candy. That is their favorite part. I love our neighborhood because it is perfect for this holiday! We had the cutest little dressed up kids come by our house. About dark we took Matt trick or treating and he was so happy to add to his already growing candy collection from school. We came back to the house to hand out more candy and David and McKenzie went to the Grenada vs. South Panola football game. It was an exciting game in that Grenada was ahead most of the game which was not expected against this team who is always the best in the state. Grenada ended up losing but it was a great game. Here are a few pictures from the night!

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bettyb said...

~so glad a good time was had by all.
love, Betty Ward