Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day!  We started off with the kids and me going to play golf at the Country Club (aka The Tigerwoods) at 8:30.  We had a great time and I actually played half-way decent!  Matt hit the ball well and looked like a cool dude with his sunglasses.  McKenzie hit a few shots on the first couple of holes and then retired to the golf cart with a Taylor Swift magazine.  Thanks Ward for letting us borrow your cart!
Sorry Matt!  The one picture I take of him hitting and he missed it!
Matt, the golf pro, and McKenzie, the golf princess.

After golf, we grilled hamburgers for lunch and the kids and Betty made some s'mores for dessert.  After lunch, the kids played in the sprinkler and played outside.  I'm not sure what they did for about an hour after that because I fell asleep in the chair!
Matt wore himself out, too.  He fell asleep on the way to take McKenzie to dance and stayed asleep even after Betty brought him in and put him on the couch.
Betty started painting the shutters that Grand made for us.  Grand did a great job - they look wonderful!  Here's a picture of the first painted shutter and a picture of what's left to go.


bettyb said...

You are most welcome for the loan of the cart,but McKenzie,you do realize you were riding in an Ole Miss cart??!! ~~look below where you are sitting in the picture. :-) We are glad y'all had a good time at the Tiger Woods once again. Betty Ann (and Grand), the shutters are looking awesome: can't wait to see them hung. ~glad y'all had a good holiday.

Kellie Berry said...

so fun and the shutters will look great!