Monday, July 19, 2010

Dancing Diva

Last week McKenzie went to a dance camp at Reagan Dance and Gymnastics.  She had a great time!  They danced, made a craft every day, and had snacks.  The first day, McKenzie came home and practiced what she had learned that day so much that she woke up Tuesday with a sore calf!  By Wednesday it was so sore that it hurt her to walk.  Betty rubbed her down with Myoflex and then I wrapped her leg with an ACE bandage.  She stretched it out a little and she sucked it up and went on to camp.  The instructor took pictures during the week and made a neat video of the girls which includes the dance they learned.  McKenzie is the one in the red monkey shirt.  Here it is!

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bettyb said...

~loved the video and the pictures,McKenzie, even with it stopping and starting. I've decided that I need to start doing hip hop because it looks like very good exercise!! Keep up the good work.