Sunday, November 7, 2010

Itta Bena Homecoming

Sunday was homecoming at First Baptist Church in my hometown of Itta Bena.  We always look forward to going to Itta Bena and enjoying the great food and fellowship.  Betty says that the people are so nice to her, she feels like she was a member there!  This year was special because mine, Andy, and Jan's friend, Chuck McMinn, led the music.  Chuck grew up in Itta Bena and helped with the children's choir before he left and became a minister of music.
I sneaked this picture during a hymn.  Sandra, I know you're reading this, and I'm sorry I cut you out of this picture!  Sandra Joiner is a loyal reader of our blog and she was singing in the choir on the far right on the front row.

This is Chuck.  He's such a funny and great guy.  He's so nice and caring and just fun to be around.  We had a great time reminiscing and laughing during lunch.
Speaking of lunch, it was covered dish and slap-your-momma-good!  I enjoyed Sybil's dressing and Mamie's strawberry cake and many other delicious dishes.  It was a lot of fun seeing old friends and catching up with everyone.
This is the sanctuary view from behind the pulpit.  This was the view Dad had when he stopped his sermon to get on to some girls who were talking and being disruptive in the balcony one Sunday!  Ha!

This was my Sunday School classroom when we first moved to Itta Bena when I was 9.  That's the same piano!
This is the choir room/youth Sunday School room.  Same piano again, and the same carpet!

This is Matt and McKenzie with Nana and Pop (Jan's parents) and Karle.  Karle is my best friend from Itta Bena, Wayne's, daughter.  Wayne also happens to be Jan's brother.  Nana and Pop consider Matt and McKenzie their grandchildren too and we had to stop by and see them before we left.


bettyb said...

What a fun time it looks like the Cummings family had. The church is so pretty,and I know it is fun to go back and reminisce.~~food sounded yummy also!

Anonymous said...

so much fun!cute pictures!

mckenzie said...

cute pictures daddy!

Chuck McMinn said...

Hey David!
I just found your blog accidentally! You make me feel like a celebrity! Homecoming was fun! Mainly because I got to spend time with my two buddies and their families! I wish we could or would get together more often! I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

This takes me back. Really good memories of this church. The only church I have ever loved. I haven't seen it since 1981 as a kid