Friday, January 21, 2011

Be Mine

Last week I started decorating for Valentine's Day and wanted to share some pictures. I look forward to putting a few things out because after Christmas our home seems sparse so a few touches here and there brings life back to our house.

This is the banner I use on the front door. I added the zebra ribbon and red. It seemed like it needed a little extra something.

Rosebud heart wreath by the back door...

Here are a few pictures taken in the den. These Valentine pieces either came from Target or TJMaxx. I found the little hearts at Wal-Mart a few years ago.  The baskets are what I put their Valentine's goodies in and place outside their bedroom doors on Valentine's morning.

Here is a cute new frame I found at Dollar General. It sits in our kitchen window.

Found this appliqued hearts table runner at Target right after Christmas...

My favorite new find...a LOVE banner.

I found this on Jessica's blog, She has an etsy shop and is  making and selling these right now. It has the cutest details on it. I hung it on our mantle. And yes, that is still my garland left from Christmas. I took all the Christmas decor off of it but left the white lights. McKenzie and Matt begged me to keep it up. They really hated to see the tree go so I compromised and left the garland, but it will go when I take the Valentine stuff down. It does bring a little life to the den, though.

And just for fun, this picture cracks me up...
McKenzie made this sign for her door. She is really growing up!


bettyb said...

Of course I love all the valentine stuff. It is all so cute. McKenzie's sign is a hoot,and it is indeed just the beginning of her growing up.

Winn World said...

McKenzie's sign is hilarious! I love it. Sounds like she means business. :)