Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow Fun!

Monday was more fun in the snow!  The schools were closed and I got word Monday morning that my work was closed also, so we bundled up and played in the snow!

First a few scenery pics...

The first thing the kids wanted to do was build a snowman.  That is, until we actually started building a snowman.  Then I was trying to find out where my help went.

Matt came to help me for a minute.

 I took a break to throw a snowball at Betty.

 These are two pics put together to show what happened next.  Matt took up for his mother and blindsided Dad.

 McKenzie wasn't interested.

 After it was clear that I wasn't going to get any help, I popped a couple of grapes in for eyes and a carrot for a nose and our vertically challenged snowman was complete!

 Betty started preparing a hot lunch for us and the kids and I walked around the neighborhood.

We stopped at the Williams house and a huge snowball fight ensued!  Turns out Matt is a relentless warrior!
  Who knew?

 Snow angels!

 The hot lunch finished product.  It was very good!!!

 After lunch, Jordan and Justin invited the kids over to go sledding down the hill on a real sled.....and a real cookie sheet.......and a real plastic container top.  Their neighbor, Bonnie Brunt, took them out to a hill next to their neighborhood.

 Way to give all you had, Justin!

 "Pull, mule!"

Next is our tour of snowmen.  You saw our pathetic entry, but below are some really good snowmen and snowwomen.  Let us hear your vote for your favorite.  I'm serious.  Post a comment.  BettyWard is getting lonely in the comments section of our blog!

 This is the creation of our neighbor, Allie.

 This is in front of Wendy's.

This is the Vance family including the big snowman, then the four smaller snowmen representing the family including a little snowdog.

 The Flautt family.

 This was the tallest snowman we saw - by far.

The Williams.
The fun-loving snow-woman!
This gentleman snow-cowboy is next door to the bikini-clad snow-woman, but he is politely looking the other way.


Susan B said...

my favorite snow people were of course Ryan and Kellie's. I will give yours an A for effort.. I really enjoyed seeing Grenada in the snow.. wish we had gotten some but maybe next time. How about posting that yummy soup recipe? Maybe I will get to meet your sweet family on one of my Grenada trip..

Marty said...

Loved the pics!! We had a great time this afternoon.

bettyb said...

What a fun day y'all had. Marty sent some really funny pix of the sledding adventure.David,I think you could use some lessons on the building of a snowman!