Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best Buds

Matt is the type of kid who takes a while to.....well, do anything.  He took forever to start walking.  He'd stand up and hold on to things but he wouldn't let go even though he was able to take a few steps.  He just waited until he was ready to walk well before he unveiled his new talent to the world.  He was the same way with talking.  We were starting to get worried because he just didn't talk much.  When he finally started talking, he talked our heads off! 

He's just a very cautious little fellow who likes to observe and study a situation or a task before he dives into it.  He started pre-school this year and didn't seem to care anything about any of the kids in his class.  He couldn't (or wouldn't) call any of the names of the kids after being in school a month!  I think he was just observing and getting to know his new classmates.......from afar. 

Well, now he's gotten to know them and he's really coming out.  He and Betty had the following conversation the other day.
Matt:  "Mommy, all the girls like me."
Betty (not sure where this was going): "Oh really?"
Matt:  "Yeah, they think I'm funny."
Betty:  "Do you mean girls like Miss Lauren?"  Lauren is a young lady in her 20's who Matt has a crush on.  He says he likes her, but he doesn't like to look at her because it makes him nervous!
Matt:  "No, I'm not talking about old women, I'm talking about the little girls in my class!"

So, not only is he becoming a little ladies' man, he also has a best buddy -- Carter.  Carter had a birthday party last Saturday and Matt was so excited about it he could hardly stand it.  Here are a few pictures of the buddies at the party.

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bettyb said...

I love all the pix. ~look how hot they were after playing ball. I also love the conversation that Matt had with Mommy. ~one of many concerning girls I have a feeling~~and probably one of the easier ones you will have!