Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day

The kids are home today enjoying a snow day. McKenzie suckered me into giving her and Matt their Valentine baskets early since they would be home today to enjoy them. She did have a point and I am glad we gave in. Here are a few pictures of their goodies.

McKenzie loved her new thermos for school and new charms for her charm bracelet and necklace that she received for Christmas. Matt loved his new Iron Man costume and dinosaurs.

I am loving these Valentine ring pops I found for cute! They are made to look like a diamond ring in a case.

Speaking of Iron Man, Matt is very into super heroes these days. I hear that his daddy was the same way at his age.

It's so fun to watch Matt pretending to be someone different everyday. David and I loved this commercial that was aired during the Super Bowl. It was a commercial for Passat but had a little boy in it that pretended to be Darth Vader. It reminded us of our life these days with our little super hero! If you haven't seen it check it out...It is so cute!!!!!!

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bettyb said...

Valentines Day looks like lots of fun around there;lots of goodies. I loved that volkswagen ad too.
The snow event was quick,but very pretty while it lasted.
Have a fun day!