Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Beach Pictures...

We had a great time in Gulf Shores last weekend and we hated for it to come to an end. I don't know who was more sad to leave the beach, me and David or the kids! Well, probably David because he had to go back to work. Besides doing the beach/pool routine everyday, our favorite thing is going out to eat. We had some great seafood while down there and also made a new tradition of going to eat ice cream every night at Bruster's. We all enjoyed playing at our favorite putt putt golf place. I'm sad to say that we don't have any pictures of all of our activity because carrying that big camera everywhere is a hassle plus we stayed exhausted just keeping up with McKenzie and Matt. We did capture a moment here and there with our phones so at least we have those to look back on.
In our last blog post David shared his favorite beach pictures and now I am going to share mine. Matt was really into taking pictures this year for the first time! He took it quite seriously. We took a ton of pictures, so I will have lots to choose from for framing all through the house. I love decorating our house with beach pictures from each year and displaying all the beautiful shells that we collect each trip... Great memories of happy times!


bettyb said...

All the pictures are so good~I would have a hard time selecting which ones to frame! McKenzie and Matt, you are both getting so old looking!! I like the picture of y'all looking out at the water.I know you had a great time.
Betty Ward

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. David is doing so well. You are blessed to have a photographer in your family. Matt looks like a little angel. Is he? Love reading your blog. Love yall, Patricia