Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gulf Shores 2011

We are at the beach! We've all been looking forward to this for a while. The kids started screaming when they saw the condos! We walked out on the beach as soon as we got to the condo and took a couple of pictures of the kids with my phone.

Then we went to supper at Tacky Jacks and came back to the condo to take our annual beach pictures of the kids. They were very cooperative this year and we had a lot of fun. They even went down to the water and waded a little bit. Matt has never wanted to go too close to the water before, but this year he's really enjoying it. Here are some of the beach pictures we took.

We went for some ice cream after pictures and Matt ended up with a chocolate goatee.

Friday night we had a little bit of lightning and thunder out on the water. Matt was very concerned for the people who were out on the beach while the lightning was going on. He kept saying, “They are not being very safe.” and hollered from our 11th floor balcony at them to go inside!

Saturday morning McKenzie and Betty went for a walk on the beach while Matt and I stayed in the room and watched Thomas. Then we went down to swim in the pool and play on the beach. We had a lot of fun playing in the water on the beach. Matt and McKenzie are being much more adventurous this year and we had a ball playing in the waves. After getting out of the water Matt kept saying, “That's just pool water, Daddy.”, making sure I knew that he wasn't wetting himself!

Right now we're sitting at Sweetie Pies enjoying a wonderful lunch. There's a Target just across the road so you know where we're going to end up next.......

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bettyb said...

~so glad y'all made it safe and sound. The pictures are so good,and I am glad everyone is having a great time. I can't believe we haven't had a picture of a meal yet!!! McKenzie and Matt,I don't know what my fingers are going to do tomorrow at Granny's without 2 backs to rub!! Maybe I should come down there and make a house call. FUN!! Keep the updates coming.
Betty Ward