Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cowboys and Dancers

Saturday was a busy day for the Cummings family.  Saturday morning Matt went to a cowboy birthday party for his friend Robby.  Matt loves going to birthday parties and had been looking forward to this one since he got the invitation two weeks ago.  The party was at Diamond J Bar Ranch in Duck Hill.  They gave all the kids cowboy hats, a bandana, and a badge when they got there.  Matt brought his own gun!  Here are some pictures.

This was a boot race where the kids ran down to a pile of boots and grabbed one and ran back to the start line.  On this race, there was one boot left and Matt and his friend Noah were the only ones without a boot.  There was just one little problem........the boot was pink and neither boy wanted anything to do with it!  They just left it laying there and went back to the start line empty-handed!

Saturday night was McKenzie's dance recital.  She did a great job on her ballet and hip-hop dances.  She also received the award for Best Leap.  Way to go, McKenzie!  We're proud of you!  Here are several pictures of her dancing.

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bettyb said...

Matt,the birthday party looked like SO much fun! I really liked your hat,and I think the sunglasses just made you look extra sharp. McKenzie,I wish I had seen you dance~especially the hip hop since it was new for you. You should have won that award because you can leap better than anyone I've seen. I loved the picture of you leaping. Good job,guys!!
Betty Ward