Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hats Off To The Grad!

Matt is an official Pre-School Graduate!  Miss Mary's held its pre-school graduation ceremony Saturday afternoon at Emmanuel Baptist Church.  We were really looking forward to the program to see what Matt would be doing.  He hadn't told us a lot about the program, but he had shared a few brief previews of a few of the songs.  The program was wonderful!  The kids sang several songs and each child recited a Bible verse he or she had learned.  Matt had a great year in Miss Michelle's class and we hate to leave her but she and Miss Ann did a great job getting Matt and the other kids ready for kindergarten next year.  Here are some pictures from the program.

 Matt saying his Bible verse. "Look unto me, and be ye saved." - Isaiah 45:22

 Pop came up and stood with Matt during the song honoring the military.  Pop is an Army veteran.
 Matt getting his diploma!

 The class of 2011 (and 2024) throwing their diplomas in the air!

 Matt and Miss Michelle

Matt and Miss Ann

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bettyb said...

Congratulations,Matt! I loved seeing all these pictures,and your daddy was kind enough to send some to me since we were at Jacob and Patrick's house. Of course I think his main reason for sending was to rub it in about the Ole Miss/State baseball scores!! :-) That is fine if it meant I got to see you! Also I wrote on the blog post below about y'all's church musical,but it isn't there. I was so proud of you and McKenzie for doing that. You were really singing,and McKenzie looked like a natural with that crown on her head. Way to go on passing pre-school; now on to kindergarten!
Betty Ward